Colour without commitment

peek-a-boo highlights in fire engine red and black

peek-a-boo highlights in fire engine red and black

Hair extensions are the perfect way to add colour to your hair without commitment or damaging effects on your natural hair.

You can add depth and interest with chunks of colours, peek-a-boo highlights or achieve ombre looks without colouring your own hair.  The great thing about hair extensions is that the colour doesn’t fade or bleed into the rest of your hair like dyed colour can.  

We are Dolls have a range of high fashion colours that will brighten up your look and stay bright until you choose to have them removed.



Avoiding processing your hair is especially important when you’re trying to grow out your hair and keep it healthy.

As many of us know, growing your hair out can be a long process that requires patience. More often than not whenever I intend to grow my hair out I end up at the salon having a new cut or some highlights because I get so bored of waiting!

Adding hair extensions it a great way to keep your hair interesting without having to cut or colour it.