My fine feathered friend

Bright feather colours

Hair feather extensions are the latest trend in hair fashion.  They are extremely popular in the United States and are growing in popularity here in Australia.  The great thing about feather extensions is they can be brushed, washed, blow-dried and heat styled with a curling iron or flat iron.  And because of the variety of colours and styles, feather hair extensions can look great on everyone. 

We are Dolls Hair Extension Specialists are one of the few salons in Melbourne who offer feather hair extensions......and what is even better our price includes fitting!  We have an extensive range of gorgeous feathers in colours to suit any taste, naturals for your boho babes and brights for the fashion forward.


How long do feather extensions last?

The feathers themselves will last many months, depending on how you care for them.  They do not require special care once in your hair, however overstyling will cause damage over time.  When your natural hair grows out, it may be necessary to reinstall the extension.  Generally feather extensions will last around 6 weeks before the bead should be re-installed.

Natural feather colours

Please do not throw your feathers away as they are a natural product in limited supply due to the unprecedented demand by salons and consumers in the United States.   If you choose to have your extension removed keep it safe for future use or even swap with a friend to try a new colour.

How many feathers should I buy?

That depends on the look you are going for, a more subtle look can be achieved using 1-3 feathers in natural colours.  A single, brightly coloured accent feather also looks great.  If you are looking to make a statement with something more dramatic then consider adding 5, 8 or even more feathers.  Include some accent colours to compliment your hair colour.

What colour will look good in my hair?

The reason hair feathers are so popular is because they look great with all hair colours, lengths and styles.  You can achieve a unique look to suit your style by using different colours, placement and numbers of feathers.  Generally lighter colour feathers stand out best in darker hair, and vice versa.

Want to try feather extensions but you’re not sure what colour will look good in your hair?

For a fun and funky look

Blonde hair:  turquoise, hot pink

Brown: fluro yellow

Black:  vivid purple

Red: yellow or turquoise

For a natural boho look

Blonde hair:  black, chestnut, grizzly

Brown:  black, grizzly, pale blonde

Black:  chestnut, pale blonde, grizzly

Red: pale blonde, pale grizzly

TIP: Adding an original black and white grizzly stripe feather alongside any of the solid accents colours will make the feathers stand out better in all hair colours.