Unbe-weave-able......the wonderful world of weft extensions

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It seems to me like many girls are unsure about weft extensions as I often get asked lots of questions about them. The most common are things like their suitability for different hair types, how to maintain them, how many rows you need to get etc.

 So I have decided to do a quick Q &A about weft extensions.


Q: How many rows of weft extensions will I need?

A: Generally most people will need 2 or 3 rows. But it depends on the individual’s hair and what look they are trying to achieve.

Those with already long hair wanting to add some thickness and body could get just 1 row.

Others wanting much thicker hair could get 3 rows or more to get a really full, luxurious result.


Q: Are weft extensions suitable for my hair?

A: The great thing about weft extensions is that they so versatile and it makes them suitable for nearly every hair type.

This is because there are many different types of application methods for weft extensions, from traditional braided ‘weave’, micro bead weft and micro bead weave.


Q: Will weft extensions damage my hair?

A: Obviously, your hair extensions technician will need to choose the correct weft technique for your hair type, as certain methods are more suited for different hair types.

But with professional application and regular maintenance appointments, and the correct at-home care there is no reason why weft extensions should damage your natural hair.


Q: How often will I need to get weft extensions maintained?

A: It will depend on a number of factors like how fast your hair grows, how often you wash and style your hair. But generally every 6-8 weeks your hair extensions will need to be moved up or ‘tightened.’


Q: How much do weft extensions cost?

A: When you get weft hair extensions from We are Dolls Hair Extensions they are charged per row.

And unlike other hair extension salons, getting hair extensions with us there are no hidden extra costs for application, or cutting in your hair extensions.

The benefit of this is that the price of your hair extensions can be customized to suit your budget.

The hair extensions themselves can be reused at move-up appointments so the maintenance costs are quite low.


Q: Are weft extensions comfortable?

A: Yes, many people find them more comfortable then other extension methods as there are less attachments in your hair. Also they lie flat against your scalp, follow the contours of your head. This allows the weft extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair.


Q: Will they match my natural hair colour?

A: Your hair extension technician will carefully match your hair extensions to your hair colour to ensure a perfect match. If you have highlights or lowlights we can even blend 2 weft colours together to match the colour.

Wefts are also a great way to add new colours to your natural look, eg, ombre or colour flashes, without damaging your natural hair with harsh chemicals or bleach.


If you have any further questions that haven’t been addressed feel free to comment below or email us directly at info@wearedolls.com and we will respond to every enquiry.