A Game of Thrones


I hope that you are watching A Game of Thrones TV show, it's amazing. And if not, you really should be. Seriously, it makes my Mondays (my not-so-favourite day of the week) so much better!

Like a typical girl I can't help checking out the costumes as well as enjoying the story.

I love Margaery’s cut out dresses, Daenerey's more exotic style and the layers of fur (faux of course) worn by the Northern characters like Catelyn and the gorgeous Mr Snow!

Daenereys wedding gown

Margaery Tyrell's cut out gown

Catelyn Stark in fur

Jon Snow's fur

And the hair! Oh my goodness!

As a lifetime of being a long hair enthusiast I am so envious of all the Game of Thrones ladies with all of their gorgeous long flowing locks.

Cersei Lannister


Daenereys Stormborn Targaryen

It's not just about the length, there is so much variety in the colours and shades as well.

In my opinion there's just not enough red hair in the world, in A Game of Thrones however, there seems to be plenty!

Sansa's auburn hair is just beautiful. As is Ros, Ygritte and the Melisandre's hair.

Sansa Stark




Cersei shows that you don't have to hit the bottle and be the lightest shade of blonde to look amazing.

And she is also a great example how to rock being blonde if you are not a natural (did you know that the actress who plays Cersei normally has very dark brown hair?)

We think she pulls blonde off beautifully!

Cersei Lannister

Daenerys on the other had is pure platinum, and it suits her kick ass attitude!

Clearly she's not a natural blonde either, but with a shade like that there's not much chance of anybody believing that it’s natural anyway, so rock those eyebrows with pride girl

(Besides, she's the mother of 3 dragons, she can pretty much do whatever she likes!)


Some of the hair styling is amazing as well. I’ve been so inspired of the braids and elaborate up do’s worn.


Cersei Lannister

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