Secret Veil: The #1 Hair Extension Method That Is 100% Invisible. Seriously.

"The Secret Veil"  It sounds so mysterious, doesn't it?!

We are Dolls are so pumped to be involved with exciting new technique, let me tell you a bit more about it.

After launching the Secret Veil, it has quickly become the #1 hair extension method used by stylists due to it’s invisible attachments, non-damaging properties, ultra-secure installation and quick maintenance appointments.  

You can now find the Secret Veil in salons and extension studios in over 150 salons & in 5 countries world-wide.  We are Dolls is the the first salon in Melbourne to be offering the exciting new method. 



Whether your hair is pulled up or left down, rest assured you won't be able to see any hair extension attachments whatsoever. 


Your hair is as important to us as it is to you!  We conduct thorough consultations to ensure our hair extensions are the right fit for your hair. 

 " The most discreet hair extension method in the world. "


secret veil hair extensions back side view.png
  • Non-Damaging – the attachments provide a safe amount of hair-weight distribution and we use up to 10x less attachments than other methods
  • No Visible Attachments – put your hair up or down without seeing any attachments
  • No Irritation – 99% of the links do not come into contact with the scalp whatsoever, perfect for those with sensitive-scalps
  • No Adhesives – Secret Veil uses no glues, keratin, tape or even threads
  • Slippage-free – the unique and innovative installation technique ensures no slippage occurs from the day you have them installed until your maintenance appointment
  • Quick maintenance – Maintenance appointments are 20-30 minutes (no gunk, no goo, no fuss!) and always include a complementary hair style
  • Freedom! – now you can wash, blow-dry, style, sleep and even swim with no discomfort or slippage
secret veil hair extensions back view.png


Are you ready to #MakeTheSwitch?





Clare,  We are Dolls








Want to know more about this technique?

The Secret Veil hair extension technique was created by award-winning hair extension artist Chantel Allen and is quickly gaining world-wide attention for being the most discreet hair extension method in the world. Whether you decide to put your hair up in a high pony or rock an intricate up-do, you will never have to worry about anyone seeing your hair extensions ever again!


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