Winter is Coming...

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Changing your hair colour for winter?

As autumn precedes the inevitable march into winter, the temperate drops and days shorten, I feel the need for a bit of a pick-me-up to help stave off the winter blues. Like many girls I feel that the changing seasons are a catalyst for changing my hair colour.

At the moment I feel inspired by the warm shades of autumn leaves (I am completely envious of all the gorgeous Games of Thrones red heads!) and richer colours of my winter wardrobe (I am loving all of the jewel tones that are around this winter.)

For many of us with fairer complexions, when we are no longer spending long lazy days in the sun our tan fades. The beach and bleach blondes may start to find that the brighter shades may start to make them washed out without a complimenting tan.

A darker transition into winter is easy for light blondes. Add warmth, depth and dimension lost over the summer by adding richer, darker lowlights in blondes, light browns or even light auburns or chestnuts.


For those of you who get separation anxiety (including me!) at the thought of not being blonde, don’t panic! These changes only have to be very subtle to create the desired effect.

Seasonal tweaking for medium to dark shades is also simple, adding some tonal enhancement can be a welcome intervention. You can add a hint of warmth by adding dark auburn or chestnuts.

Or even just adding complementing shades of brunette will give very dark hair some further interest.

As much as I am an advocate of adjusting your hair colour for the changing season, I believe that the new season does not have dictate whether you go darker or lighter.

Personally, got a set of highlights recently and I love how the darker colours in my winter wardrobe makes my light blonde colour really pop.

Brunettes or darker blondes can consider adding some lighter shades to lift your look (and maybe your mood if you are suffering with the winter blues….)

All hair colours can consider adding some bright unnatural colours to really brighten up your look.

Whatever you choose, remember that your hair is the one fashion accessory which you can’t remove so make the most of it and make sure that it reflects your true style and personality.

With hair extensions a colour change is affordable, quick, easy, commitment free and won’t damage your hair like colouring with bleach and other harsh chemicals.

With as little at ¼ head of hair extensions we can add additional colours to your style with a little extra thickness to boot.

Consider ½ head of extensions if you are for for additional length and thickness as well as new colour.

See the about our hair extension info pages for more details about our huge range of colours, textures and lengths.

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