Also known as flat track / LA weave / milano weave / cornrow extensions

Weft extensions are the most versatile option on the market. The word 'weft' actually refers to the hair extension itself, a hair weft is almost like a curtain of hair extensions.  The word 'weave' usually refers to the application of the weft extensions into the hair.

There are a number of different application methods available.  After your free consultation and hair assessment we can offer you the best weft application method for your hair type and lifestyle.

Weft extensions are great for adding both additional length and volume and they are suitable for nearly all types of hair that are around shoulder length and longer. Another great thing about using wefts is that they are very quick to install and remove, a full head of hair extensions can take around an hour. 

Adding hair extensions in this way creates the look of very full hair which lies smooth and blends seamlessly with your own hair without the need for lots of attachments. Many clients find these methods much more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain than other extension methods which makes them so popular.

The amount of extensions you will need depend from person to person. On average, people can have 2 - 4 rows of weft extensions.


Micro Bead Sew in Weave Extensions (flat track / milano weave / LA weave )

Small sections of your natural hair and micro beads are linked create a flat 'track' in your natural hair which sits very flush against your scalp. The hair extension weft will be sewn directly onto the track and fit in seamlessly in with your own hair.

Micro Bead Weave Extensions

Micro bead wefts are a relatively new method in the hair extension industry and because of this there are not many salons around offering this service.  

Rows of weft hair extensions are secured to small sections of your natural hair using silicone lined beads.  The silicone lining cushions and protects your natural hair from damage and prevents slippage of the extension.

Braided Weave (or traditional 'weave') Extensions

A braided weave is where your natural hair will be tightly braided on horizontal lines to create the tracks in your natural hair. The hair extension weft will be sewn directly onto the track to fit in seamlessly in with your own hair. It is best suited to those with thicker hair which will be strong enough to support the hair extensions. If is not advisable for those with very fine hair, due to the risk of damage to your natural hair.

This is a great option for those with allergies to metals or silicones as there is no need to micro beads fit your hair extensions.  


Weft Extension Maintenance: 6-8 weeks

Using weft hair extensions with the methods above they can be reused at maintenance appointments. When your hair extensions require maintenance, the old attachments are removed. The hair extension and the natural hair are checked for health and condition. The extension then reapplied with fresh attachments, to a new strand of hair to allow the previous section to rest. Weft hair extensions can last up to and over 12 months if they are well cared for.


Good for:

- nearly all hair types

- more active people

- adding highlights or lowlights

- quick to apply and remove 

- very natural results


Not so good for:

- less advisable for those with  excessively weak or damaged hair

- those who regularly like to wear their  hair up in very high pony tails or top  knots