Also known as micro rings / micro bead / micro links / nano

The method we favour uses individual silicone lined beads to gently secure strands of hair extensions to small sections of your natural hair. The silicone lining cushions and protects your natural hair from damage and prevents slippage of the extension.

Micro rings are great for adding both additional length and volume. They are best suited to fine-medium and thicker hair types that are shoulder length and longer.

It is great technique to if you want to update your style with highlights or lowlights, even if you don’t want to add any additional length. Adding colours using micro ring hair extensions is a non-commitment, non-damaging way to freshen your look.


Using the micro ring application method your hair extensions can be reused at maintenance appointments. When your hair extensions require maintenance, the old micro rings are removed. The hair extension and the natural hair are checked for health and condition. The extension then reapplied with a fresh micro ring, to a new strand of hair to allow the previous section to rest. Micro ring hair extensions can last up to and over 12 months if they are well cared for.

Maintenance: 6-8 weeks

Good for:

- nearly all hair types

- more active people

- adding highlights or lowlights

- very natural results


Not so good for:

- less advisable for those with excessively

- weak for damaged hair

- very fine or very coarse hair

   (slippage may be an issue)