Hair Extension Brush Brush Rose Gold

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Hair Extension Brush Brush Rose Gold


We are Dolls highly recommend using a hair brush specifically designed for use with hair extensions.

Brushing with a regular hairbrush whilst wearing hair extensions may cause damage to your natural hair, and the hair extension bonds, which will significantly reduce the lifespan your hair extensions.

The soft, flexible bristles make detangling you hair extensions painless and simple.  The bristles smoothly glide over bonds, stitching, glue and clips without snagging or tugging so matting and painful brushing will be a problem of the past.

They are also amazing at blending and smoothing dry hair extensions so tell-tale split lines are banished and the lengths of your extensions blend with existing hair seamlessly.

This basin brush eliminates all tugging, pulling and ripping of the hair and prevents split ends and hair loss.  Works great on wet and dry hair.

Perfect for men, women and kids with all hair types.

HAIR  EXTENSION  TIP:  When brushing your hair extensions brush in small sections, and begin by brushing the ends of the hair before working up through the mid-lengths, and then finally gently brush the root area.

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