Also known as tape weft / skin weft

Sections of your natural hair are sandwiched between two strips of hair extension using strong adhesive tape. The result lies flat in your natural hairstyle allowing your extensions to blend seamlessly.

Tape weft extensions are great for those who want to achieve additional length and some volume, especially for those with fine or short hair and very layered styles. Tape extensions are very kind to your natural hair and are quick to apply and remove.


It is great technique to if you want to update your style with flashes colour, even if you don’t want to add any additional length. Adding colours using tape hair extensions is a non-commitment, non-damaging way to freshen your look.

Using the tape weft application method your hair extensions can be reused at maintenance appointments. When your hair extensions require maintenance, the extensions are removed. The hair extension and the natural hair are checked for health and condition. The extension then reapplied with a fresh tape, to a new strand of hair to allow the previous section to rest.

Your tape weft hair extensions can last up to and over 12 months if they are well cared for.

Maintenance: between 6-8 weeks

Good for:

- those who have fine or more fragile hair

- shorter or very layered hair styles

- very kind to your natural hair

- quick to apply and remove

- adding colour flashes


Not so good for:

- very active people, especially swimmers

- fanatical hair washers

- those who regularly like to wear their  hair up in very high pony tails or top  knots